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Newport Dog Walking

Walks that Newport dogs beg for

Show your dog how much you love them by giving them what they want. Book them in to join Pride of the Pack dog walking in the Newport countryside today.

Black newport dog runs out of long grass looking happy

Proper physical exercise on a daily basis will help to keep your dogs body healthy, and will ease many behavioural problems. A well exercised dog will be more receptive to training, calmer, and happier. A difference you'll definitely notice around your home.

Belly Baker. It's a good thing dogs like him...

I'm Chris, and I offer a reliable, on or off-lead dog walking service in the Newport area. I'm a lifelong dog owner and experienced handler, and will ensure that your dogs have a great time indulging both their natural and inbred instincts, whilst keeping a prudent eye on their safety and wellbeing.

Our walks around Newport last a minimum of an hour (excl. travel), and often longer if circumstances allow (or dictate), in locations where dogs can run, play and explore both on and off-lead. I encourage normal social behaviour throughout the dogs walk, and appreciate the exercise and mental needs of some of the more high energy working breeds, which I endeavour to fulfill as we go with games, balls, and targeted discipline.

I choose dog walking locations around Newport purely for the benefit of the dogs.

We avoid man-made surfaces wherever possible (including sterile parks and playing fields), and provide the dogs with a taste of their natural environment; running with the pack through countryside jammed full of exciting scents, sounds, and stimulating experiences. It brings many dogs to their senses, and makes a huge difference to the amount of physical and mental energy a dog expends during the walk.

Sami Bobbins the Springer Spaniel sets off at a bound.

I maintain reasonable control by working hard to be an exciting and dominant pack leader, but I enjoy nothing more than to see dogs fulfilling their instincts, so I'll often dive into undergrowth to follow the pack on a scent trail, rather than calling them back and spoiling the fun.

Towards the end of our walk I deploy the tennis balls and frisbees en masse for those dogs still interested, and offer treats for basic obedience to all my tired chums.

I will endeavour to return your dog well exercised, and receptive, needing little more than a towel off, a few 'sits', and some dinner, before curling up next to you on the sofa whilst you do that affectionate ear twirling thing he likes so much. Maybe you'll like it so much, you'll upgrade them to daycare to reap the full benefits.

Socialising with poodles

To achieve this end, and to provide the dog with the experience they deserve, I'd prefer to walk your dog off-lead. This requires your written consent, and your dog to exhibit a reasonable recall and bond with me, before I'll allow them off-lead. I'm prepared to work with a training line to test or instil and set that behaviour using positive techniques during our initial walks, which is usually sufficient (but not guaranteed) to have them off-lead within a week if I walk them daily.

Please give me a call on 07891 555302 before 8pm, or use the contact page to mail me, and I'll respond as soon as possible.
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